No Job Too Big Or Too Small


No Job Too Big Or Too Small


No Job Too Big Or Too Small


No Job Too Big Or Too Small


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Dollys Construction is a building, design and certification service provider. Dollys Construction was established in 2004 providing structural design for residential & commercial buildings. We practice only with the highest quality of customer service whilst maintaining great public relations.

With over 18 years of experience in the Australian construction industry and over 20 years internationally, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands with us. We are incredibly proud of our history and our highly educated, trained & successful building professionals. Our professional team only have the highest of qualifications these include, Masters of Engineering (Honours), Masters of Building Surveying and Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Apart from our qualifications we have abundant experience with numerous local councils all across Sydney with regard to both commercial and residential developments

Building Certifications, Compliance & Consultancy

We specialise in providing expert advice and our team has the capacity and experience to provide quality service for any project no matter how big or small from pergolas to multi-storey high rise developments and commercial buildings.

Our team offers great service with years of experience. We add value to projects for our clients:

  • Construction certificates.
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates.
  • Principal certifying Authority.
  • Exempt Development Advice.
  • Building Code Assessment Reports.

Design Management

Architectural, Structural & Engineering Details, Hydraulic, BASIX and Compliance Certificates for multi-storey apartment buildings, residential homes and any type of commercial buildings such as factories, offices, medical centres, childcare centres, etc...

Design Management can involve:

  • Compliance Certificates.
  • Critical Stage Inspections during construction.
  • Expert witness reports.
  • Swimming pool compliance.
  • Structural engineering compliance.

Construction Management

we achieve project objectives. We provide a full range of project delivery services, ranging from project preparation and construction programme into obtaining occupation certificates.

Our Project Management team provides extensive services. All of our team members have vast experience in planning, organising and securing the construction process to achieve successful results within the nominated time and budget.

Structural Engineering Compliance

While structural development has been known as an area of specialization of civil engineering, the rapid advancement in technology over time has redeveloped this aspect to a whole new meaning – diversifying civil and structural engineering.

BCA Reports

Building Code of Australia Compliance and alternative solution reports are our specialty. The type of building projects we get involved with include multi storey residential, cluster houses, second dwellings and coffee shops & restaurants.

Swimming Pool Certification

We specialise in providing expert advice and our team has the capacity and experience to do inspection and providing non-compliance or compliance certificates for your swimming pool.

Up to 95 per cent of swimming pools barriers failing a first inspection, many homebuyers may be unknowingly purchasing homes with non-compliant swimming pool barriers.

The NSW Government has previously announced that, from 29 April 2016, vendors will need to attach to the contract of sale a Certificate of Compliance, or a Certificate of Non-Compliance outlining what needs to be fixed. Councils can issue fines to owners if pool barriers that are found to be non-compliant.

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